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Mass Mutual

Mass Mutual, a full service American mutual life insurance company serving 13 million clients worldwide with a regional and national scope, to shift the culture and atmosphere of the company to reflect a vibrant and energetic feel.


This move and install consisted of 24 private offices, 22 workstations, 18 seated workstation,  mail room, break room, large conference room, and multiple small conference rooms. lobby and lounge. 



Our culture in our office is very open, a team open feel, and our old space did not accommodate this very well. We met with Spaces, and I knew I wanted to incorporate our colors with something as simple as the tops of our file cabinets that are under every desk, and what they brought to the table really enhanced what we wanted. What we have been able to do with the shorter cubes with the glass on the top and DIRTT in the front of the offices is, it lets all the light in from the building, which is a really phenomenal thing. I think it is going to have a dual impact. I think the impact of us being able to attract great talent to this space is going to be one piece, and the other piece is if people are happy. If they feel great in their environment, they are going to produce more. It has turned out far better than our expectations were. Spaces helped us through the whole process from start to finish. We came from a culture with high walls, no light, and very closed off. It did not express who we were nor who we wanted to be. Through many meetings, Spaces provided multiple solutions through ICE and visual impressions in order to allow us to see what we were getting. I would highly recommend their approach to any client.

Client Testimonial - Mass Mututal

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