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10 Tips for Choosing an Installation Company

1. Responsiveness

How responsive were they to your inquiry? Did they contact you in a timely fashion? Did they respond to your follow up questions quickly?

2. Estimate Clarity

Did their estimate make sense to you? Did they provide you with a clear understanding of what they will do for you and how much it will cost?

3. Did you like the salesperson?

How well did you get along with the salesperson? Did you feel that they were a good, honest, considerate person? They are the face of the company you are considering doing business with--who they are says a lot about the company. It’s always best to work with a company you can trust and who you feel comfortable with, particularly when stress levels rise should problems or questions arise during the installation process.

4. Vision

Were they able to take your vision and turn it into a project that you are excited about? Were they able to paint a picture of your new project with floorplans, images and/or a VR Experience with the dealership?

5. Lead Time

How busy are they? Make sure when you choose an install company that they give you an accurate lead time.

6. Company Size

You may prefer to work with a larger company, as they have more resources due to their size, or you may prefer to work with a smaller company as you likely won’t get lost in the shuffle. This is totally up to you.

7. Knowledge of the Salesperson & Products.

Did you feel that the salesperson was knowledgeable? Did they answer your questions clearly and concisely? Make sure the installation company has knowledge of how to assemble the product lines your company is requesting to be installed.

8. Willingness and Ability to Work with Other Contractors

Some companies want to do everything turnkey. Which most of the time it may be easier. Weigh the options that are listed out in the tips in this article.

9. Thoroughness of the Estimate

Did the salesperson include stair carry, freight elevator, docking, cuts in the field, shipping to the site or warehouse and storage, business hours or after hours, permits and codes, or at least cover the possibilities?

10. Price

Price shouldn't be your main determining factor. However, you should factor it into your decision making process. You typically want to avoid choosing the low bid. If there is a huge difference in price between the 3 bids that you receive, try and determine what is causing the difference. Does one bid exclude something that the other bids include? Maybe one of the bids includes power, and the other two don’t. Try and make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Research the warranty side, storage and moving services.

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