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Avila Project Profile

Check out Avila's Project Profile video and see how evologic installs DIRTT and Knoll furniture.

Higher education is ever-evolving and regular updates to its design are important to not only persuade students to continue their education with the university, but to keep employees happy. Spaces, Inc. recently combined its interior architecture and design expertise with Avila University’s 100 years experience in higher education for a successful design project outcome. Avila University, a private university in Kansas City, Missouri, wanted to upgrade part of its campus for a more modern look. While working hand-in-hand with students and employees, Spaces, Inc. was able to formulate a sleek and modern design.

While Spaces, Inc. was tasked with developing private offices for employees and a student work area, Staub Construction and Piper-Wind Architects were responsible for facilitating the outfitting and design of the new space. This included developing the aesthetic to figuring out the functions.

Spaces, Inc. met with students and employees for all aspects of the project and the team dynamic created impressive results. The 18,000-sq.-foot building was fitted with 40 hightower chairs, 30 antenna tables with Bryne power, eight private offices and four antenna big tables.

To attain the premium standards of Avila University, Spaces, Inc. used Knoll, Izzy, KC Booth, Arcadia, Hightower and Surfacetech products and designs, creating a top of the line, modern and functional workspace that will allow for future change and growth for both students and employees alike.

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