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With the every-changing impact of the corona virus, evologic is committed to the safety and well-being of our employee, their families, our business partners and our customers. As an essential trade to the construction industry, we are operating with an at will environment. Internal and jobsite practices have been modified with the various recognized behaviors that are intended to keep ourselves and others healthy and virus free.

We review our current decisions and situation daily with the knowledge and collaboration of our industry peers and with the guidance and direction put forth from those leading our cities, counties and country. Our goal is to serve our clients’ needs while considering the changing environment of this situation. We will continue to communicate and do our part to serve you with ease and confidence.

evologic sincerely appreciates every single person who is putting their personal needs aside to serve others during this challenging time. Whether you are working to complete a construction project, caring for someone’s children who may be a nurse on the front line at a hospital, making important decisions at our federal, state and local government levels or faced with the support needed by a friend or family member who has contracted Covid-19, we commend you.

Our team is inspired by so many people that we encounter in our daily business that continue to show us that working together we will all be better and stronger. Thank you for your consideration and continued business during this trying time.


-your evologic Team

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